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About us

Ohmu started as a tiny pop-up place on the Fred, but then we liked it, so we kept doing it! Now we have moved to Lan Van Meerdervoort 147a for our permanent location and are looking forward to seeing you there!

We both have an extensive experience from high end Japanese kitchens, but this time around, we are just doing what we personally love. As it turns out, that pretty much amounts to Japanese technique and New York style flavours; simple, well prepared high quality ingredients topped with mayo and colours and fun!*

We also believe that the essence of good food is a sense of decadence, so we make sure that your sushi is packed with fish, vegetables and other goodies. This means that we are not the cheapest place around, but we do promise to give you your moneys worth! Emphasising freshness, we also make everything on the spot, so we sometimes have long waiting times. We apologise for this, but this truly is the best way to enjoy your sushi. To guarantee your food when you want it, ordering ahead is always appreciated and recommended.

*Our teachers are turning in their graves, but hey! We are not actually Japanese, so it makes sense to try and combine the best of both worlds! You only live once!